Why roof racks are a must have for tradies

Why roof racks are a must have for tradies

December 18, 2023

Tradies have quite a bit of gear to carry around from site to site so any opportunity to maximise space is critical. Here are four compelling reasons why a custom tradie roof rack from Tradesman is a must-have for tradies…

  1. Maximising Storage Space

Tired of playing Tetris in the back of your ute or van? Tradesman’s roof racks are designed to maximise your vehicle’s storage space, eliminating the need to cram awkward items into your tub or canopy. Say goodbye to clutter, blocked vision, and discomfort – store everything securely on your roof rack.

  1. Organisation Goals

A custom roof rack allows  you to access your equipment quickly and efficiently, making every job a breeze. You know exactly where each item is.

  1. Professional Image

A fully decked out ute or van with a roof rack screams professionalism. Impress clients with your organised setup, quick tool access and time-saving efficiency.

  1. Versatility and Adaptability

Whether you’re a sparky, plumber, gardener, carpenter, painter, handyman or any other trade, our Commercial Max range is specifically designed for tradies like you. Expect personalised solutions with all the necessary add-ons and features.


Ready to invest in a roof rack that will save you space and go the distance? Tradesman’s roof racks are built for tradies  and use high-quality, durable materials guaranteed to withstand Australian weather conditions. Call our friendly team today to arrange a quote for your vehicle.

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