How much are they?

Depending on the size and vehicle type and even the style chosen they vary in price from as little as $560 to $4000 for the big fancy ones. Best advice is to list your vehicle details of model and year and wheelbase if applicable and a basic plan of what you need the roof rack for – ie trade use, ladders, pipe, timber, camping, kayaks etc. With over 40 years’ experience we specialize in advising the correct suitability for each individual case.

Do you have in stock?

We build a lot of floor stock especially in the tradie Commercial Max Open End roof racks for a majority of the popular van models in Australia so usually have them ready to go. Most of the Wedgetail models are also in stock. The Oval range is mostly built to suit as many of these are selected with options. As a local manufacturer in Bayswater Melbourne, it doesn’t take us long to make your order if needed. Anywhere from 2-3 days to 10 – 15 days. Many of our resellers around Australia also have stock, mainly of the higher volume popular models.

Where do I get these, do you sell direct?

We can sell direct to you, arrange the sale at any one of our 400 resellers around Australia or direct you to the closest Tradesman Reseller to your postcode. Call or email through your preferences.

Can I get one without the side rails?

Yes, we build all of the Commercial Max & Oval ranges in 6 different styles from Flat Deck (no side rails welded on) to basket style (we call closed ends) tent style (specifically designed for roof top tents) Closed ends front or rear with open the other end and the Standard Open End Roof Rack with the side rails.

Tradesman Roof Racks - Styles

Do you make one for my vehicle?

We make roof racks for almost every model commercial van and ute and 4WD vehicle sold in Australia and also some popular imports. Most can be found in the vehicle selector on the website or the Wedgetail specific checker . If your car is not there you can email [email protected] and we may still make one for your vehicle or even be in the design of that one at that time.

Do you fit them and are you open Saturdays?

Yes, we do have fitting services available in Bayswater Melb or Minchinbury in NSW Mon to Fri 8am to 5pm. We have a waiting room and most only take 1 – 2 hrs to fit. We are usually only booked up 2-3 days in advance and have all the dedicated tooling and lift equipment set up for fitting to all vehicle types.

We can also arrange the fitting at any one of our 400+ reputable fitters around Australia. Freight cost applies to the latter so just a postcode required to advise cost.

How much height will it add to my vehicle?

They all vary depending on the vehicle model and the shapes of the roofs. Generally, we design the majority of our roof racks with a minimum 40mm clearance to the bottom of the roof rack.

The Commercial Max or Oval ranges in Flat deck would add another 20mm and the Wedgetail Platform adds 50mm. With so many variations of suspensions and ride heights we can only advise our physical product measurements and we use the rear fixing point as the starting point.

Where do I place the order online?

With so many variations and options available including fitting choices we cannot do direct online orders. We prepare a specific quote for every enquiry. The quotes have banking details to direct debit to or you can call 03 9722 5000 and order with a credit card or over the counter at either of our locations. Most standard orders require a minimum deposit of $220 to start or lock in an order. No cash or Amex facilities available.

Many of our resellers have online ordering facilities available for the standard roof racks.

How much weight can I carry on your roof racks?

All of our roof racks are tested and rated to 80 – 150 kg On & OFF Road. Please note that your vehicle has a Roof Load Rating that is in your specifications section of your handbook which states the limit your actual roof can take. You detract the weight of the roof rack from that and the left over or your roof rack rating (whichever is the lower) is your legal carrying capacity. The Off-Road test is much more vigorous to cover the abuse your roof rack will endure on some of Australia’s roughest terrain. The Load Rating stated is the Dynamic rating which is “moving”. The static rating (stationary) is 3 times that – ie roof top tenting. A large amount of the imported roof racks are de-rated by up to 30% Off Road so make sure you check their off road rating when enquiring. Off road counters for anything off the bitumen and 30% reduction can mean a significant reduction in what you can carry legally and also with your warranties and insurance cover in mind.

What options are available?

Things like Rear Ladder Rollers are a popular tradie choice and are a great aid for loading and unloading ladders and lengths all day every day.

We make lockable Conduit Carriers with the popular easy to use twist open KRS lockable caps and can make them up to 5900mm long in 100mm or 150mm diameters. We use dedicated aluminium castings for mountings.

Mesh Floors are a popular option and have either a 50x50x3mm square weldmesh welded to the base of the platform on the steel versions or the diamond shaped amplimesh like your home security door welded to the base of the Oval Alloy racks.

Low Side Rails – lower side rails for those that have height restrictions but still need an edge to lap their load up to.

Colour: The Commercial Max and the Oval ranges are available in a Stain Black (gloss) or Matte Black (textured flat matt black). Both are same cost, quality, durability and UV protection. The Wedgetail roof racks are the Matte Black only.

Zinc Electroplating: The whole steel roof rack is fully zinc electroplated 10-12 microns just like say your outside gate hinges, prior to powder coating. Any scratches down to the steel are protected on their edges by the zinc platinmg that acts as a stop gate and will not allow corrosion to spread and bubble/blister off paint – outcome is better looking roof rack even after 5 years and keeps its strength integrity stopping corrosion moving in. Ideal for those that work & play in salt air environments and still need the toughness of steel to handle the rigors of heavy or regular loads that tradies experience day in day out.

Accessories like Shovel Holders, Spare Wheel holders, Jerry Can Holders, HiLift Jack & Shovel Holders,

Awning Brackets specific for multiple styles of awnings from straight out ones to the big 270 degree ones.

Inverted Uni-Struts – are available in our Commercial Max & Oval ranges to aid fixing accessories like the above mentioned much easier utilizing the cutout slots and Uni Nuts – ideal for mounting bike carriers and Kayaks etc

The Wedgetail Range also has Solar Panel Brackets, hexmesh panels, Hole Kits to fit around roof extrusion’s like roof vents, air cons and sunroofs. Gas bottle holders, Eyelets for strapping loads down directly to the rack cross bar , Rubber Inserts for extra grip and Light Bar plates set up to take the majority of available lightbars and lights.

Do You Make Custom Racks?

We can accommodate many custom requirements with small adjustments to the standard builds offered.

The roof racks have specific jigs they are made in so the majority of custom requirements are covered in the options available. Best to call and enquire directly about your special requirement if it does not fit with any forementioned.

Why would I choose a Tradesman or Wedgetail full platform roof rack over 2 or 3 traditional style roof bars?

A full platform is by far an away the safest and correct way to carry building materials/ sheets and heavier loads. The load is evenly spread across the mounting footprint and the whole roof rack is braced by virtue of its combined construction , builders , tradespeople and serious travellers have proved this many times over with Tradesman Products.

Getting stuff loaded and transferred to site quickly & simply becomes so much easier with the right tools for the task.