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Everything you need to know before buying roof racks

March 26, 2024

Ready to take the next step in vehicle modification? Whether you’re a tradesperson or outdoor enthusiast, having reliable roof racks makes a world of difference for work for during an offroad adventure. Before you take the plunge, here are some key things you should consider…

 1. Is the roof rack compatible with your vehicle?

Not all roof racks fit all car makes and models due to their varying roof designs. While you’re researching roof rack solutions, you need to make sure it is compatible with your vehicle

 2. How much weight can the roof racks hold?

Think about the type of gear you would be carrying using your roof rack; building materials, camping gear, etc. Different types of roof racks can have varying weight capacities. When you exceed these limits while driving in Australia, you are breaking the law. Make sure your roof rack accommodates your cargo without compromising safety. Tradesman Roof Racks range of roof racks have been tested and rated to 80-150 kilograms both on and offroad. 

3. What type of roof rack suits you best?

Roof racks come in all sorts of variations including open ended, tent style, flat deck and more. Make sure the style of your roof rack aligns with how you need to use it. For example, tradies benefit from an open ended design so there are sufficient tie down points, but enough space to carry long items like ladders and timber.

4. Are you going to install the roof racks yourself?

Some roof racks are easy to install, while others are a bit more complicated and require a professional installation. Wedgetail Roof Racks have specific installation instructions included with all racks.

5. Are the roof racks going to be noisy?

Roof racks can impact your vehicle’s performance and bring additional wind noise. All of our roof racks come with wind deflectors as an option to help reduce the level of wind noise, and improve fuel efficiency.

By taking these key elements into consideration, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and better investment into your roof racks. 

Need some help finding the right roof rack for your vehicle? Contact our team today.

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