Roof Racks

Tradesman Roof Racks manufacture premium quality roof racks for commercial, 4×4 and SUV vehicles.

Tradesman Roof Racks - Trade-Max


Weight is distributed evenly for both
simple and complex loads.

Tradesman Roof Racks - Commercial-Max


You can count on ‘Tradesman Roof Racks’
to fit your vehicle and your load.

Tradesman Roof Racks - Oval Series

Oval Steel Series

Tried and proven, a testament to decades of development.

Tradesman Roof Racks - Flat Deck

Flat Deck

Can be manufactured as a flat-deck or platform roof rack.

Tradesman Roof Racks - Canopy Max

Canopy Max

The best canopy roof rack

Tradesman Roof Racks - Technician Series

Technician Series

‘TRR Technician Series Ladder Slides’ are designed and manufactured in Australia.

Tradesman Roof Racks - Wedgetail Series

Wedgetail Series

Introducing a new generation of roof rack,
inspired by the mighty Wedgetail Eagle.

Tradesman Roof Racks - Wedgetail Series

Wedgetail Trade Series

Introducing the All-New Wedgetail Trade Roof Rack
Your Ideal load carrying solution for Commercial Vans

Types of roof racks and their uses

Roof racks are many and varied, and often the choices available can be very confusing; therefore, advice from a professional can be beneficial. Roof racks can start as simple as two crossbars to suit a small car right through to a full fabricated roof rack on a 4wd or tradie rack for a commercial vehicle.

Light Duty

Light duty racks like simple crossbars can be fitted to almost any vehicle and used for a variety of tasks like carrying light luggage or perhaps roof carriers or boxes. Generally, this type of roof rack fits using rubber clamps around existing roof rails or over a door lip.

It is important to stress here that this type of rooftop rack is ideal for light-duty work only and are not generally suitable for extended use in harsh off-road environments like the Australian outback.

Medium Duty

Medium duty roof racks will also often be individual crossbars fitted to SUV’s or 4WD and will usually be mounted to factory rails but also can often use riveted fixtures to attach to the vehicle roof.

While this kind of roof rack may be suitable to carry a light load offroad etc. often they will be subject to an offroad rating safety factor requiring their load-carrying capacity to drop when used on unsealed roads.

Heavy Duty

Roof racks in this sector will often be a full piece assembled product, usually fitted to heavy 4wd vehicles, SUV’s or vans and utes as well as a lot of different canopy variants. This kind of roof rack carries heavy and awkward loads like sheets of plaster, rolls of carpet, boats or kayaks. It is in this space that Tradesman roof racks excel.

Here at Tradesman, we have been perfecting heavy duty roof racks manufactured in Australia since 1978.