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Specialists in roof racks for Toyota vehicles

When it comes to outfitting your Toyota with a roof rack, you need a solution that is both reliable and tailored to your vehicle's specific needs. Tradesman Roof Racks specialises in providing high-quality roof racks designed exclusively for Toyota vehicles, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance every time.  Why [...]

May 23, 2024|

Top 5 Victorian High Country 4WD Tracks

There’s no doubt Victoria is the place to be when it comes to four-wheel driving adventures. We’re spoiled by the magnificent Victorian High Country which is full of history, challenging tracks and some of the best views in the country. If you’re visiting the state, or a Victorian looking [...]

May 7, 2024|

Why roof racks make noise and how to prevent it

Roof racks are invaluable for expanding storage capacity on vehicles of all sizes, from compact city cars to SUVs, utes and vans. However, if you've ever experienced the annoying noise emanating from your roof rack while driving, you're not alone. In this article, we'll delve into why roof racks make [...]

March 26, 2024|

Everything you need to know before buying roof racks

Ready to take the next step in vehicle modification? Whether you’re a tradesperson or outdoor enthusiast, having reliable roof racks makes a world of difference for work for during an offroad adventure. Before you take the plunge, here are some key things you should consider…  1. Is the roof rack [...]

March 26, 2024|

Customisation Options for Roof Racks

With a myriad of options and styles available within the roof rack market, selecting the perfect fit can often feel like navigating a maze.. Tradesman Roof Racks offers a number of customisation options for roof racks including: Open Rear, Tent Style, Basket Style, Open Ended and Flat Deck. Understanding the [...]

March 1, 2024|

How does a roof rack affect vehicle performance?

Fitting a roof rack, plus the accessories to the exterior of your vehicle inevitably alters its dimensions, shape, weight and height. You’re probably wondering, how will this affect the overall performance of your vehicle? Aerodynamic Drag One of the more obvious effects of installing a roof rack is the increase [...]

March 1, 2024|