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We are specialist roof rack manufacturers.

We are specialist tradie rack manufacturers. Our factory is set up for that purpose and we are able to build roof racks to meet our customer’s individual needs at a competitive price. All of our roof racks are manufactured at the Bayswater factory and we are now one of the last remaining roof rack suppliers manufacturing in Australia.

Tradesman Roof Racks have been manufactured since 1978 when we started in a small factory in Huntingdale Victoria. As the range of roof racks expanded we moved to larger factories and to the Clare Street Bayswater factory in 2010. The building at 13 Clare Street Bayswater served as our administration, sales, installation and manufacturing centre until April 2021 when we established an administration, sales and installation facility at Unit 2, 7–9 Newcastle Road Bayswater. This facility adjoins our Clare Street premises which now operates as our manufacturing centre.

In September 2018 we opened a sales, installation and warehouse facility in Sydney (please call or email to arrange an appointment).

We source our raw materials from local suppliers and use modern metal cutting, forming and welding techniques and efficient production processes to produce cost effective products for commercial, off-road and SUV use.

View our introductory video to learn more about how we create a Tradesman Roof Rack.

View our introductory video to learn more about how we create a Tradesman Roof Rack.

Tradesman Roof Racks Information Brochures

Our 2022 Complete Tradesman and Wedgetail information brochures are now available as PDF documents. Select the images below to open the documents. You will require a PDF viewer to open the documents. Our recommended viewer is the Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available for free from the Adobe website.

Complete Tradesman Brochure 2022 - Tradesman Roof Racks Australia

2022 Complete Tradesman Roof Rack Catalogue

WedgeTail Roof Racks - Tradesman Roof Racks Australia

2022 Wedgetail Roof Rack Catalogue