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Types of Roof Rack Accessories

February 17, 2023

Tradesman Roof Racks manufacture strong and resilient roof racks in Australia. We also offer a wide range of roof rack accessories fit for your specific needs.

Below are the type of roof racks accessories you can use with your tradie roof rack.

1. Conduit Holders

We can supply conduit holders in 100 or 150 mm diameter tubing and up to a maximum length of five metres. They’re manufactured in our Bayswater factory from strong aluminium, making them resistant to corrosion and abrasion. They can be installed on our roof racks and fitted with screw-on or lockable end caps. The lockable caps can be locked using a padlock. The clamps on the holders allow mounting of the conduit above or below the roof rack, ideal for when you are travelling through low clearance areas. Our conduit holders are a great option for carrying conduits, spirit levels, straight edges or even fishing rods.

2. Hi-Lift Jack and Shovel Holder

The Hi-Lift jack and Shovel Holder is a must for any camping trip and is designed to bolt to the side of a Tradesman Roof Rack as an easy way to safely and securely store your gear and makes them easily accessible when needed. The holder can safely carry a Hi-Lift jack and a long handled shovel. The holder is zinc plated before it is powder coated to ensure a long lasting corrosion free finish. Manufactured in our Bayswater factory. Standard colour is black. Order online or you can pick up at our Bayswater & Minchinbury locations.

*Holder only. Hi-Lift jack and/or shovel are not included.

3. Jerry Can Holder

The Tradesman Jerry Can holder is specifically designed for the safe storage of poly jerry cans on your roof rack and comes supplied with a tie down strap to hold the jerry can in place. The holder fits to the floor using two mounting plates and can be mounted as single items or grouped and can be removed easily if they are not required for any length of time.


4. Removable Boat Carrier

Tradesman Roof Racks have designed a removable boat carrier to allow you to carry a tinnie on the roof of your vehicle. The boat carrier is custom built to fit your existing Tradesman Roof Rack and extends the width to suit the dimensions of your boat (suitable for boats up to 1600 mm in width). It can be easily removed when not required.

5. Safe Stow Ladder Clamp

Our Safe Stow Ladder Clamp has the ease of use and strength to give you a fast and safe means of storing your ladders atop of your vehicle on the roof rack. Place the clamp across the beams or rungs of your ladder and position the hook under your roof rack or roof bar and then push the closing lever down to lock the ladder in place. It is much quicker and convenient than straps and can be locked using the keys supplied. Manufactured in our Bayswater factory. Order online or you can pick up at our Bayswater & Minchinbury locations.


6. Shovel Holder

The Tradesman Shovel Holder fits to the side wall of the roof rack and allows you to safely carry a shovel on your roof rack. It becomes a more convenient method of storing your camping shovel when not in use. Provides immediate access to your shovel when you need it so you can save on cargo space and avoid grass and dirt in your vehicle. Manufactured in our Bayswater factory from black powder coated aluminium, the holder will be resistant to corrosion and abrasion damage. Order online or you can pick up at our Bayswater & Minchinbury locations.

*Holder only. Shovel not included.

7. Spare Wheel Carrier

The Tradesman Spare Wheel Carrier is a simple but effective way of securing a wheel (or wheels) to your roof rack. The spare wheel carrier will work for wheels of any size. The carrier requires that the roof rack is also fitted with a mesh floor. The carrier fits to the cross bars but the wheel sits on the mesh floor when secured.

The carrier can be partially disassembled when it is not being used so that access to underground car parks etc is not hindered.

Please note: black is the standard colour supplied, red is for display purposes only.

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