Trayon Campers And Tradesman Roof Racks -The Ultimate Camping Companions

Trayon Campers & Tradesman Roof Racks: The Ultimate Camping Companions

November 10, 2023

When it comes to camping, the right equipment can make all the difference between a memorable outdoor adventure and a challenging, uncomfortable experience. Whether you’re an avid camper or someone who is gearing up for their first camping trip, Trayon Campers offer a range of innovative, high-quality camper solutions that can transform your camping experience into something truly extraordinary.


Compact and Lightweight

One of the standout features of Trayon Campers is their compact and lightweight design. These campers are designed to fit onto the back of your ute or trailer, making them perfect for adventurers who want to explore remote locations. The lightweight design enables you to take your Trayon Camper to places that might be inaccessible by larger, bulkier 4bys.


Offroad Capability

Just like our roof racks, Trayon Campers are built for adventure. Whether you’re navigating rugged terrain, traversing rocky trails or fording streams, these campers are up to the challenge. They are equipped with sturdy suspension systems and rugged tyres that can handle the most demanding offroad conditions.


Fully Self-Contained

Trayon Campers are entirely self-contained, meaning they come equipped with everything you need for a comfortable camping experience. Inside, you’ll find a kitchen, sleeping quarters and a dining area, along with ample storage space. There’s no need to compromise on comfort or convenience.


Quick Setup

Setting up a Trayon Camper is a breeze. The innovative design allows you to go from driving mode to camping mode in minutes, ensuring that you spend more time enjoying the great outdoors and less time fussing with complicated setups. You’ll have more time to hike, fish, or simply relax by the campfire.


Customisation Options

Trayon Campers offer a range of customisation options to suit your specific needs and preferences. You can choose from various models, accessories and additional features to make your camper truly your own. Whether you need extra storage, a solar power system, or a different interior layout, Trayon can accommodate your requirements.


Environmentally Friendly

Trayon Campers are designed with sustainability in mind. The campers are equipped with energy-efficient appliances, water-saving systems and environmentally friendly materials. This ensures that you can enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors without leaving a significant ecological footprint.


How do they work with Tradesman Roof Racks?

Our roof racks can hold a spare tyre and other accessories for your Trayon Camper. Touring vehicle owners understand the importance of carrying a spare tyre. But what about a second spare? The general guideline is to have one spare wheel for every axle, and having a second spare has often proven to be a lifesaver in sticky rural situations.


A second spare tyre serves as an additional safety measure, ensuring that you won’t find yourself stranded due to multiple tyre issues. Of course, storing this extra spare tyre can present its own set of challenges.


Given careful tyre selection and driving practices tailored to your driving conditions, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to access the second spare as frequently as your primary one. As a solution, you can conveniently place it on your Tradesman roof rack alongside other backup items like jerry cans, shovels, high lift jacks and antennas. This arrangement keeps these essential items out of the way while ensuring they are readily available when needed.


While roof racks are a practical solution for storage, accessing the second spare tyre can sometimes be a tricky task. This is where the clever design of Trayon Camper’s slide-on campers comes into play. Their ingenuity provides a seamless solution to the challenge of accessing the second spare tyre when the situation demands it.


If you’re looking to take your camping adventures to the next level, check out Trayon Campers. These campers are built for those who seek not just a camping trip but a truly immersive outdoor experience.


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