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Toyota Prado – Wedgetail Roof Rack Fitment

December 14, 2023

In this article, we show you the step by step guide on how to set up and install a Wedgetail roof rack for the Toyota Prado.

The Wedgetail rack is a new generation roof rack combining the aesthetics and functionality of the new generation composite style assembled rack with the traditional strength and proven identity of an Australian manufacturer.


1. Use a plastic lever to remove all three rail covers on each side.

2. Use aq socket or socket drill bit to remove the factory bolts from the rail. Then remove the rail from the roof.

3. With the rail removed there should be a factory amount underneath. Remove the factory bolts with a socket or socket drill bit and remove the factory mount.

4. Remove the dirt from the rail gaps and silicone the bolt holes.

5. Put the bolts and washers together and bolt the mounts to the roof, through the mounting brackets.

6. Tighten the bolts with a hex key or hex shank drill bit.

7. Secure the rails to the mounts, using a three bolts and washers. Tighten the bolts with a hex key or hext shank drill bit.

8. Secure uni-strut nuts to the rails by hand, so they are still loose and line them up perpendicular to the rail.

9. Lower the rack onto the rails so the uni-strut nuts slot into the channels of the rack.

10. Tighten the uni-struts by hand, so the rack can still be adjusted if needed.

11. Center the rack. Measure the overhang to ensure the rack is centered.

12. Finish tightening the bolts with a spanner.

13. Assemble the Eyelets (optional accessory). Place the eyelet in the position you want and rotate clockwise to turn and lock the nut in place.

14. Continue turning to tighten the eyelet to the rack. Secure all eyelets to the rails.

15. When install rubber (optional accessory), try to press one side of the rubber in and twist the rest into position.

16. You may need to cut the rubber to fit the length of your rack.


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