Removable Boat Carrier

The advantages of a removable boat carrier for your roof rack

November 29, 2023

Love getting out on the water but need an efficient way to carry your boating gear? A removable boat carrier is a safe and convenient way of transporting your boat on your roof rack.

Our removable boat carrier is custom built to fit your existing Tradesman Roof Rack and extends the width to suit the dimensions of your boat. Keep in mind, this is only suitable for boats up to 1600 mm in width. The additional storage space created allows you to bring more equipment for your outdoor adventures.

The boat carrier has rollers to assist with loading the boat onto the rack and has tie-down points to secure it safely for your journey.

The boat carrier can be easily removed when not required. You can have a standard roof rack whilst still enjoying the capability of carrying your boat when you need.

Our expert team at Tradesman Roof Racks is ready to assist with your roof rack accessory needs.


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