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How to safely load your roof rack

February 24, 2023

As a tradesman or offroading enthusiast, having a reliable heavy duty roof rack is an essential part of your work or leisure. It allows you to transport your gear and equipment safely and efficiently. However, it’s important to remember that overloading or improperly loading your roof rack can pose a serious safety risk. Here are five tips to help you safely load your tradie roof rack:

1. Know your weight limits

Every roof rack has a weight limit specified by the manufacturer. It’s important to know and follow this limit to avoid damaging your vehicle or risking an accident on the road.

2. Distribute weight evenly

When loading your roof rack, it’s important to distribute weight evenly across the rack to avoid putting too much weight on one side. This can cause your vehicle to sway or become unbalanced, which can be dangerous on the road.

3. Secure your load

Always make sure your load is properly secured to your heavy duty roof rack. Use straps or tie-downs to keep your equipment from shifting or falling off while you’re driving.

4. Check your clearance

Be aware of your vehicle’s height when it’s loaded with equipment on the roof rack. Make sure it will still fit under bridges, parking garages, or any low-hanging obstacles.

5. Drive with caution

Remember that your vehicle will handle differently with a loaded roof rack. Take corners slowly and avoid sudden maneuvers or stops to prevent your equipment from shifting or falling off.


By following these five tips, you can safely load and transport your equipment using your tradie roof rack. Remember to always prioritise safety on the road and take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents or damage to your vehicle.

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