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Guidelines for loading a roof rack

March 23, 2023

A roof rack is a convenient way to increase the carrying capacity of your vehicle, but if they are not loaded properly, they can be dangerous. In this article, we will provide you with some guidelines to help you load your tradie rack safely.

1. Know the weight limit of your roof rack

The first step to loading your roof rack safely is to know its weight limit. This information is usually provided in the owner’s manual or on a label attached to the rack. Do not exceed this weight limit, as it could cause the roof rack to fail and potentially cause an accident.

2. Distribute weight evenly

When loading your tradie rack, make sure to distribute the weight evenly on both sides of the vehicle. Uneven weight distribution can affect the handling of your vehicle, especially at high speeds. Use tie-downs or straps to secure the load in place on your Roof Racks Australia.

3. Secure loose items

Loose items can be dangerous when driving, especially at high speeds. Make sure to secure all loose items on your roof rack with tie-downs or straps. If you have any items that are too large or too heavy to tie down, consider placing them inside the vehicle instead.

4. Keep the load low

To maintain stability and reduce wind resistance, keep the load as low as possible. Do not stack items too high on your roof rack, as this can affect the balance of your vehicle and make it more difficult to drive.

5. Avoid overhanging loads

Overhanging loads can be hazardous, especially when driving under low bridges or through narrow spaces. Make sure that your load does not overhang the front, rear, or sides of your vehicle.

6. Check the load frequently

It’s important to check the load on your roof rack frequently, especially during long trips. Make sure that all tie-downs or straps are secure and that the load has not shifted during transit.


By following these guidelines, you can load your roof rack safely and avoid potential accidents. Remember to always drive with caution and be mindful of the extra weight on your vehicle.


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