Commercial Max Roof Rack Installation for the Renault Master

Commercial Max Roof Rack Installation for the Renault Master

August 14, 2023

On this article, we show you the step by step guide on how to set up and install a Commercial Max roof rack for the Renault Master van.

1. Place the rail so the back edge of the rails is as far back as possible without crossing the rear door line.
2. Mark the drill points with a marker, using a the rails bolt holes as a guide.
3. Begin drilling using a small drill bit (5.5mm) and drill through the roof, where marked.
4. Enlarge or bore the holes with a larger drill bit (8mm). So the bolts will fit tightly and catch the thread.
5. Silicone the bolt holes.
6. Using a socket tool, tighten the bolts and washers through the rails and into the roof.
7. Tighten unistrut nuts to the rails by hand with the ‘teeth’ side facing down.
8. Use the rack bars to determine the position of the second rail. Repeat the steps until all four rails are secured and tighened on the roof.
9. Lower the rack onto the rails so the unistrut nuts slot into the channels of the rack.
10. Tighten the unistrut nuts by hand, it can be difficult with the mesh but be patient and work through it slowly.
11. Finish tightening the uni-strut nuts with a spanner.
12. Use one hand to hold the spanner in place through the mesh, and the other to tighten.
13. Ensure all unistruts are tightented before completing.


The Commercial-Max roof rack is Tradesman’s heavy duty roof rack for carrying building materials, plaster sheets, ladders and all your work and leisure materials.

The racks are built using heavy duty ERW commercial grade tubing and powder coat finished in black. Each rack features individually designed mounting systems and platforms to suit specific vehicle makes and models, to ensure reduced wind noise, maximum load rating and the best fit to your vehicle.

This video is brought to you by our team at Tradesman Roof Racks Bayswater. Today our team is fitting an Commercial Max Open-Ends Roof Rack for a Renault Master.

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