5 Roof rack accessories that will help you maximise space

5 Roof rack accessories that will help you maximise space

January 2, 2024

Need to transport or carry gear that doesn’t fit inside your vehicle? Roof rack accessories make use of the space on top of your vehicle so you can have more space within the cabin. If you’re planning your next camping trip, offroad adventure or family weekend getaway, here are our top five roof rack accessories that will help you maximise storage space for your vehicle..

  1. Roof Rack Awning Bracket

In our Wedgetail range we offer three different types of awning brackets that are suitable for most heavy duty awnings up to 38kg:

These brackets allow you to mount an awning to the side of your roof rack, giving you added space to carry other gear.

  1. Gas Bottle Holder

The Wedgetail Gas Bottle Holder allows you to quickly and safely secure gas bottles up to 5kg on your Wedgetail platform roof rack. The Wedgetail gas bottle holder secures to the platform crossbar channels using locknuts, allowing you to quickly and easily remove the gas bottle holder should you wish to do so.

  1. Jerry Can Holder

The Tradesman Jerry Can Holder is designed for the safe storage of a Jerry Can on your roof rack. It comes supplied with a tie down strap to hold the Jerry Can securely in place.

  1. Spare Wheel Carrier

The Tradesman Spare Wheel Carrier is a simple but effective way of securing a spare wheel to your roof rack. It can be fitted to a rack with a mesh floor or cross bars, but the wheel sits on the mesh floor when secured. The carrier can also be partially disassembled when it is not being used so that access to underground car parks and other low clearance areas is not hindered.

  1. High Lift Jack Holder

The High Lift Jack and Shovel Holder is an easy way to safely and securely store your High Lift Jack and a long handled shovel and makes them easily accessible when needed.

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