When should I replace my roof rack?

March 19, 2019

Picture this. You are out on the job when suddenly your roof rack has given way and your materials cannot be used. Alternatively, you are out with your friends and family having the offroad experience of a lifetime and suddenly your load has come off and been thrown everywhere. Worst nightmare, right? It’s ok, we have you covered with a few different scenarios of when you should start looking at replacing your roof rack!

Common reasons you may be thinking of replacing a roof rack:

  • You have had it a while
  • It is looking a bit worse for wear
  • Potentially neglected taking care of it and it is rusted or damaged
  • Overloaded it and it is splitting and/or cracked in areas

If your roof rack has become damaged or broken, it is unsafe to continue using it and is most likely unusable. A damaged roof rack can cause your load to become unstable and fall off which could cause serious injury if it where to hit someone or another vehicle whilst driving. Damage can occur on the legs, rail mounting system and/or the roof rack or cross bars themselves.

Another reason for replacement could be that your roof rack has become more of a problem than a solution. Cross bars are a basic roof rack and can only carry so much, while full length roof cages or luggage pods are great for more storage but do create more road noise due to the wind factor. A wind deflector will help to reduce wind noise especially when driving along highways.

General wear and tear is another reason you might be considering replacing your roof racks depending on what you carry on them. Slight scratch mark and scuffing are ok but if the roof rack has major dents or warping, they will become unusable if not replaced sooner rather than later. Warping can be caused if you have tightened the load too tight or secured your load incorrectly. If scuffing or scratches do appear on your roof rack, use some touch up paint to prevent any rust or corrosion getting to your roof rack.

A Tradesman Roof Rack will stand the test of time providing a truly stable and durable platform that only a fully fabricated roof rack can provide. A fully fabricated roof rack will give you more versatility in use and provide you with enough space to carry your work tools and supply’s during the week and then your camping, fishing or 4WD gear on the weekends.

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