The Tradesman Roof Rack: 8 ways our racks service your needs!

April 10, 2019

Tradesman Roof Racks began manufacturing in 1978, starting in a small factory in Huntingdale Victoria. As the range of roof racks expanded, we moved to larger factories, currently residing in Bayswater since 2010 and continued growing in September 2018 where we opened a sales, installation and warehouse facility in Sydney.

As specialist roof rack manufacturers, our factory is set up for exactly that, allowing us to build roof racks to meet our customer’s individual needs at a competitive price. All our roof racks are manufactured at the Bayswater factory in Victoria and currently we are one of the last remaining roof rack manufacturers manufacturing in Australia. We source our raw materials from local suppliers and use modern metal cutting, forming and welding techniques and efficient production processes to produce cost effective products for commercial, off-road and SUV use. Below discusses some of the many ways our roof racks will service your wants and needs.

  1. Our roof racks are fabricated to suit each specific vehicle, whether it be a commercial, 4wd or a SUV vehicle. This means that the roof rack will fit the first time, every time and looks like it rolled off the factory floor with the roof rack attached as an added extra.
  2. Our roof racks are also built to last. With a full load rating both on and off-road, you no longer need to account for load variations and restrictions considering a mix of on and off-road driving on your trip. Your rack will always be working for you even when you don’t feel like it.
  3. Our racks are fit for purpose and you can always count on it to fit your vehicle and tackle the task at hand. For those in the commercial trade industry that deal with low clearance heights and struggle enough with the size of their car as it is, the low sides option allows you to have the carrying capacity you need without compromising storage and material transport.
  4. Our roof racks are designed and manufactured in Australia and we have refined our wind deflectors to reduce road noise to make your trip a quieter one. While it will not completely negate the road noise, it will improve it.
  5. Our roof racks are fully customisable and can be fabricated to suit your needs, whether it be an open ended, closed ended or any of our styles of roof racks, we. Whatever you need it for or use it for, we have an option to suit, and if we don’t, we can work with you to make one that will! Our custom racks are built and fitted right the first time, every time.
  6. The different options available for your roof rack that can be fabricated include low sides, high sides or no sides, mesh floor, ladder rollers. The ladder rollers particularly make storing ladders or other large, awkward and heavy products seamless as it takes the weight and allows you to store what you need in a safe manner. With these options being fully fabricated with your roof rack, it adds strength and makes them extremely durable as there are no weak points like there would be with clipping and bolt on attachments, it is a feature of your rack that is strong and reliable everywhere.
  7. Powder coating options include Satin Black, Matte Black or Onyx Pearl (charcoal metallic). By powder coating your roof rack, it adds to the durability of the roof rack and allows it to stand up against the harsh Australian conditions. Our roof racks are built in Australia, for Australia.
  8. Lastly, a Tradesman Roof Rack will stand the test of time providing a truly stable and durable platform that only a fully fabricated roof rack can provide. You will have more versatility in use and it provides you with enough space to carry your work tools and supply’s during the week and then your camping, fishing or 4WD gear on the weekends.

A Tradesman Roof Rack is not another purchase, it is an investment and so much more.

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