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Roof Rack Safety Tips

August 17, 2019

Road trips are the best way to spend time with your mates during this spring. But before taking off on a weekend getaway, it’s important to make sure you’ve packed all your essentials!

We understand that sometimes it is not possible to store everything in the trunk of your car when loading your luggage for a road trip. This exactly why having a roof rack installed comes in handy. Roof racks allow you to equally distribute and add on extra luggage without having you worry about cramping your trunk with all of your belongings.

More so, roof racks come in various styles and designs and you can surely choose one that best suits your car. You can also get custom roof racks from us here at Tradesman Roof Racks. We produce sturdy and low-profile roof rack options to cater to a wide range of vehicles.

Once you get your roof rack installed, the next thing to do is make sure you use it safely. Here are three safety tips you need to be aware of before heading out in the open with your roof rack.

Pack Smart!

Here’s a golden rule to live by: pack the heaviest loads first and work your way to the lightest. This will help keep your bags and belongings well balanced and secure. It is ideal to put things you regularly need access to in the trunk of your car rather than on the roof rack; small essentials can be stored in a small bag instead. This way you won’t have to go through the hassle of sorting through your bags loaded on your roof rack when you suddenly find that you need something while on the road.

Take note of low-clearance signs!

It’s quite common to miss the low-clearance signs, but when you have a roof rack installed and loaded with bags or objects, it beckons you to pay more attention to the signage to avoid any damage or your load of objects from falling off. Check the total height of your vehicle by taking the load into consideration and keep an eye out for the maximum clearance levels at parking garages and underpasses. Another common occurrence is the likelihood of colliding with low hanging branches and wires, wherein it is best to steer clear of passages that are limited in height.

Maintain that balance!

It is always good to be mindful that the added weight on top of your car will change its centre of gravity, which will slightly influence your driving especially when you steer around corner or curves. A sudden stop too can propel the weight forward as well.

Ensure that the weight is distributed equally at each end to balance the weight for stability as this will make it less prone to becoming loose and falling off. More importantly, it is highly recommended that you follow the specifications of your roof rack and stay within the maximum weight your roof rack permits. When approaching a turn, ensure you reduce your speed when driving. Further, it is good to allow for some extra distance between you and the next vehicle as this will give you enough time to break in case the situation arises where you need to.

Are you looking to install a roof rack for your next weekend getaway?

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