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Mud cleaning – 5 quick tips!

May 8, 2019

You’ve gone off roading with family, friends or both. You’ve had a great time and now find your roof rack is covered in dirt, grime and mud. We feel you!

Have you ever wondered how you’re supposed to clean dirt, grime, mud and other road debris off your roof racks without defacing the finish?

Well wonder no more! Here are 5 simple tips to help clean your roof racks and make them like great again!

1. Sooner rather than later.

Wash your roof rack and vehicle as soon as possible so the mud doesn’t dry. If you’re driving near a fresh water creek or stream, run some water over the roof rack and use a towel to dry it, this will eliminate any corrosion.

2. High pressure washing

If you accidentally overlook the mud on your rack until you arrive back home, use both pressure washing and soapy water to clean the roof racks to soften up the mud. This may need to be done a couple of times depending on how thick the mud is.

3. Standard washing works too.

If you don’t have a pressure washer, a standard hose and soft bristle brush will help to soften the mud and eventually remove it. Again, this may need to be done a couple of times depending on how thick the mud is.

4. Get rid of the small bits too.

A leaf blower can help with getting rid of small bits of dirt or mud left that still reside on the roof rack and those hard to clean nooks and crannies. It can also help with drying the roof rack after the mud has been removed.

5. Completely dry it.

If you do use a leaf blower and your roof rack is not completely dry, use a towel to dry the roof rack, as any water left on the roof rack may start to rust and cause issues in the long run for you.

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