Mounting to the rails or the roof? Let Tradesman help you decide!

August 14, 2018

With an ever-increasing set of ways to mount a roof rack to a vehicle’s roof – it often can be very confusing! We commonly get the question – I have a set of factory rails – can I mount my rack to that?

The short answer, yes you can! First of all, let’s cover some cars that we commonly install a roof rack onto the factory rails:

  1. Volkswagen Touareg
  2. Mitsubishi Pajero/Challenger (factory rail models)
  3. Ford Mondeo
  4. Holden Adventra

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When it comes to vehicles fitted with factory rails – there are several solutions currently available. For instance, Tradesman can use a method of mounting to your vehicle where a set of clamps attach around the factory rail – effectively mounting a roof rack to your vehicle.

The issue here is, that it is easy to identify where the weak link is. A clamp-on mounting system is only as good as the rails that it is sitting on! So, if we are talking, say 60-80kg, once you take out the weight of the roof rack, you really only have a working load of about 20-40kg, which is quite low compared to other options.

The best option is definitely a rail mount. Now there are some cars that need a clamp style mount to the factory rail, such as a Touareg, but in the main, we can mount a rail to the vehicle in question. Although there is always a component that is permanent, the benefits associated with a rail mount are undeniable.

First of all, instead of the weight being transferred through plastic components such as clamps and factory rails, the weight is directed through the metal rail and mounting system into the strongest part of the roof – that being the roof channel or the gutter, boosting your overall weight rating.

Second, each rail or mounting system that we fabricate here in Melbourne is designed specifically to fit your vehicle. Unlike a clamp-on leg which is a generic, one-fits-all solution, the rail will mount to your roof in the most effective way possible.

To be honest, using a clamp-on where mounting a fabricated rail to your roof is possible – is really a cheap and nasty way out. The rails are tailor-made for each vehicle and are all unique, what could be better than knowing your rack is specifically designed for your vehicle?

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