Mitsubishi Pajero mounting options

September 11, 2015

If your Pajero is fitted with the factory longitudinal roof rails there are two options available for fitting a Tradesman Roof Rack:

  1. We can fit a 300 mm shorter roof rack to the existing roof rails using clamps to the roof rails. The factory fitted roof rails do not have a suitable carrying capacity for roof racks so the capacity of the rack is limited to 75 kg. The roof rails are also susceptible to stress fractures if used under load for extended periods on rough roads.
  2. The second option involves removal of the factory rails and the fitting of an aluminium extrusion to which our Oval Steel or Oval Alloy racks are fitted. To remove the factory rails the internal head lining has to be dropped to access the mounting bolts in the roof ridges. We suggest using your local Mitsubishi dealer to remove the rails. Once the factory rails are removed your dealer can  place a small piece of tape over the exposed holes until the rack is fitted at an approved Tradesman installer. The aluminium extrusion we fit is riveted into the roof ridge and seals the roof. Our roof rack is then bolted onto the extrusion. This fitting option provides a higher carrying capacity, allows a full sized 2200 mm rack to be fitted and has the strength to endure the roughest of Australia’s roads.

While the second option costs more we recommend it for the strength and durability it provides. We want you to be aware of the limitations in retaining the factory fitted roof rails and to consider your usage of the roof rack when making your decision.

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