Kev and Emma begin two year 4×4 adventure

May 13, 2015

In early May, Tassie honeymooning couple Kev and Emma (pictured) began their two year ‘Go Global’ world wide 4×4 trek after picking up their refurbished 1996 Nissan Patrol – affectionately named ‘Ron’ – from the Argentinian port of Buenos Aires.

They plan to drive the 2.8L turbo diesel (fitted with a Tradesman Oval Alloy roof rack) more than 100,000 kms through 40 countries in South America, North America, Europe and Southern Africa before returning home.

Emma writes;
“One of the reasons we were keen to stop in smaller towns was the belief that people would be friendlier, and we were right. Driving around these towns has gained us some attention, most often people will pop over and have a quick chat asking where we’re from, where we’re heading and suggesting places to visit.

We’ve been invited into many homes where we enjoyed generous servings of Argentina’s famed Malbec and their famous steaks. We have learnt about Argentina’s proud history, its vibrant politics (this an election year) and it’s greatest tourist offerings, perfect for us as we are busy acquainting ourselves with information about a new country”.

 Quick update May 11: In Chile, Distance driven: 445 kms, Countries crossed: 2, Oxfam funds raised $3,275

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