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Go fish

October 2, 2019

The sunshine has returned. Now it’s time to dust off the rods and hose down the tinnie and hit your favourite fishing spot!

Love to fish and have a Tradesman ‘Open Ended’ or Basket Style’ Roof Rack? Then, check out our most popular and customisable recreation accessory for the holiday season.

Tradesman’s ‘Removable Boat Carrier’ is quick and easy to attach to your existing ‘Tradesman Roof Rack’. Four bolts and ten minutes is all it takes, and you’ll be ready to load your tinnie and hit the trail. What’s more, all our ‘Removable Boat Carriers’ are custom sized to suit the dimensions of your boat (up to 1600 mm in width).

At ‘Tradesman’ we understand that for most, fishing is a seasonal activity, that’s why we have designed our ‘Removable Boat Carrier’ with a strong, yet simplistic design that is light weight and easy to install. At around a third of the cost of a traditional ‘Boat Loader’, our ‘Boat Carrier’ is a sensible and clever option for the part-time fisherman.

And don’t forget, our durable ‘Tradesman Conduit Holders’ are a great way to transport your fishing rods! – So why not load up your gear, put the boat on top and have yourself a great Australian fishing adventure?

INSPIRED TO HIT THE FROG & TOAD?  — Here are five tips to help you reel in a big catch!

  1. PREPARE BAITS – When fishing in a tinnie you have limited space, so have pre-rigged live bait ready to go.
  • RESEARCH – Find fishing spots on Google Earth and make sure you read up on current reviews of fishing hotspots in your area.
  • MULTITASK – Use versatile rods and reels, so you can throw several baits on one or two rods.
  • GET TECH – Get yourself an all-in-one sonar unit, so you know how deep you’re fishing and what’s on the bottom.
  • DRIVE TO THE FISH – Driving to a fishing spot is faster and safer, plus it gives you more time to catch the big one you’ve been dreaming of!

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