When to consider rollers for your next Tradesman Roof Rack?

October 23, 2018

Rollers are an invaluable option to many of our customers. They are easily adapted and added to roof racks in our range and are an inexpensive solution to some common problems:

  • Sheets of chipboard and plaster marked and scratched from the rear of the rack.
  • Timbers/ladders/straightedges dragging.
  • The racks surfaces being damaged from metal straightedges.
  • Struggling to get tinnies onto the roof rack.
  • Not having the height to reach the roof rack — especially in high-roofed vans like the Renault Master.

Our rollers are made to be shorter for a very good reason: over time, rolling and leaning objects such as ladders and heavy timbers against the roller, widens the radius, resulting in the part eventually hitting the bracket that it is mounted to.

For this reason, we believe the optimal length is 460mm. We generally weld the rollers on in a position that suits the customer. If you have a custom gap that you would require between your double rollers, we are more than happy to accommodate distances as low as 50mm apart.

If you have bought a Tradesman Roof Rack without rollers for your vehicle, don’t stress! We can bolt on rollers onto your roof rack!

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