How to plan the perfect road trip!

Joshua GraceNews

View out the front windscreen of a car on a country road with map in foreground and blog title reading "Road trip!"

Itching to get back out on or off-road? Perhaps you are new to 4WD’ing! That’s ok, we have you covered with our eight-step guide on how to plan the perfect road trip every time regardless of whether its your first or one hundredth trip! 1. Decide on the destination Choosing a destination can be done simply through a friend’s story … Read More

When should I replace my roof rack?

Joshua GraceNews

Old car in a very dilapidated state with a very basic roof rack on the roof and heading text "Replacement time?"

Picture this. You are out on the job when suddenly your roof rack has given way and your materials cannot be used. Alternatively, you are out with your friends and family having the offroad experience of a lifetime and suddenly your load has come off and been thrown everywhere. Worst nightmare, right? It’s ok, we have you covered with a … Read More