Wedgetail Trade Combination to suit Hyundai Staria Van 06/21 – Current

Wedgetail Trade Combination to suit Hyundai Staria Van 06/21 – Current

Wedgetail Trade Combination to suit Hyundai Staria Van 06/21 – Current

Dimensions 2500 × 1450 cm
Fit Time


Load Rating


Introducing the Wedgetail Trade roof rack – an innovative solution crafted exclusively for trade professionals utilising the Hyundai Staria throughout Australia. The Wedgetail Trade roof rack redefines versatility by building upon the established strength, reliability, and visual appeal of Wedgetail and Tradesman Commercial Max roof racks.
Fabricated from premium Australian T6 Aluminium, featuring 304 stainless hardware and reinforced Nylon connecting pieces, this roof rack guarantees unmatched durability and longevity. Its design encompasses a full-width 50mm 304 stainless steel ladder roller and a securely bolted wind deflector, enhancing the driving experience while minimising wind noise and drag to optimise fuel efficiency.
A standout feature of the Wedgetail Trade roof rack is its adaptability and shipping convenience in a disassembled format, allowing for seamless on-site assembly—an ideal solution tailored for Hyundai Staria users. Meticulously engineered and rigorously tested mounting kits guarantee a secure fit; the fitment to suit a Hyundai Staria utilises a full-length rail that is secured into the strongest part of the roof using high-strength 304 Stainless Rivets.
This roof rack excels in traditional trade applications, effortlessly accommodating sheets, carpet, timber, and various building materials. It also provides a technician-style configuration for carrying ladders, complete with a ladder buffer system tailored specifically for the Hyundai Staria. For additional customisation, the rack can be equipped with conduit holders and an array of accessories, delivering a comprehensive work roof rack system perfectly attuned to the distinctive demands of your daily work.
The Wedgetail Trade roof rack is a purpose-built solution, seamlessly integrating strength, adaptability, and user-friendly features for trade professionals relying on the Hyundai Staria.

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