Canopy-Max Roof Rack

Image of a canopy with an Oval Steel, Canopy-Max roof rack installed with text boxes highlighting roof rack features.

Tradesman manufacture a range of canopy roof racks in our Oval Alloy and Oval Steel ranges to suit a wide range of canopies. We have developed standard sizing for the racks or we can manufacture the rack to suit your needs. You can modify the dimensions, have open or closed ends, add a floor, create a platform or add any of our accessories for carrying tools or equipment. Most canopies need an internal support frame to carry the loads required and our mounts attach to the internal frame. We can also fit Trade-Max roof bars to the canopies. We manufacture custom mounts to fit the following canopies, or we can create mounts to fit your needs:

  • Alpha
  • ARB
  • EGR
  • Flexiglass
  • SMM
  • Razorback
  • Ultimate

Send an enquiry regarding your specific requirements or ask us for advice on the best car roof rack, support frame and canopy combination for your specific vehicle. We have a range of roof rack accessories available, and we can also manufacture roof racks to fit over canopies and the vehicle roof. These racks require specialised installation so please contact us to discuss your needs.

  • canopy roof rack ARB

    1800mm Oval Steel roof rack on an ARB canopy.

  • canopy roof rack flexisport oval steel

    Flexisport canopy with an 1800mm Oval Steel roof rack.

  • canopy roof rack hilux ARB oval steel full length

    Full length Oval Steel roof rack on a Toyota HiLux with an ARB canopy fitted.

  • canopy roof rack ranger oval alloy ARB rollers

    Ford Ranger fitted with an ARB canopy and an open ended Oval Alloy roof rack with a mesh floor and ladder rollers.

  • canopy roof rack ranger oval steel flat deck upside down

    Flat-deck, full length Oval Steel roof rack with up-side-down rails on a Ford Ranger and ARB canopy.

  • canopy roof rack amorok razorback oval steel

    A VW Amarok with a Razorback canopy and an Oval Steel roof rack installed.

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