What to know before buying a tradie roof rack

January 19, 2023

There are many ways and types of tradie roof rack depending on where you will use it. Here are three tips on what to know before buying a tradie roof rack for your vehicle.

1. What do you want to transport

This will give you an idea about which roof rack is best for you. Will it be for carrying camping accessories? Or would it be for transporting small to medium size cargo, or planning to load up your mountain bike. There are plenty of sizes and tradie rack features you can choose from to match your preferences.

2. Roof Rack Installation and Safety

We all know safety is one of the important aspects of having a tradie roof rack, especially during installation. Check if it is something that you can install yourself or if you need the manufacturer to do it for you. See also if your tradie rack can fit in your parking garage without interfering with low-hanging obstacles.

3. Picking the right roof rack made

There are different type of materials/made being used in manufacturing roof rack. Ensure you pick the right one depending on where you will use it for.

Flat Deck – The flat-deck creates a very low profile for the roof rack and it can be used for carrying plasterboard or timber panels without being restricted by the sides on the rack. The side walls can also be moved to under the deck of the roof rack and can then be used as rails for straps to hold your load in place.

Alloy Roof Rack – These roof racks are built to specifications suitable for individual vehicle makes and models and we also have a range of custom mounting systems to ensure the best fit to your vehicle.

Steel Roof Rack – Steel roof racks are manufactured using steel oval tubing for superior strength and reduced wind resistance. Tradesman Roof Racks manufacture in Australia for Australian conditions and built to specifications suitable for individual vehicle makes and models and we use our custom mounting systems to provide the strength required for carrying heavy loads, and to withstand the demands of outback touring.


Why choose Tradesman Roof Racks?

At Tradesman Roof Racks, we understand the significance of high-quality vehicle accessories as offroading enthusiasts ourselves. Our experienced team in Melbourne and Sydney boasts over 40 years of expertise and is the dependable choice for all your roof rack needs. We are eager to share our knowledge on the versatility of car roof racks and look forward to assisting you with any enquiries.

If you are seeking information on car roof racks, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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