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Roof rack or Roof bars?

November 13, 2018

Trying to decide between a set of roof bars or a roof rack? Let us help you decide on your next system for your vehicle.

Bars and racks have massive differences depending on the application and can affect how you do your job as a tradie on a day to day basis.

Our Trade-Max roof bars are specifically designed for trade use and also incorporate the same mounting systems that our Commercial-Max roof racks use. The load rating for both systems are the same. Most roof bars use plastic legs but we use zinc-plated steel mounting components that are long lasting, strong and efficiently transfer the weight through the mounts. Plastic legs coupled with metal bars aren’t as strong and the temptation is to load up the metal bars, when the weak link is the mounting in between.

The drawback of roof bars is that while cheap, not only do you compromise the support area available but you lose the ability to easily integrate common accessories such as rollers and conduit carrier systems.

Roof racks offer a range of advantages such as having sides, which enable you to attach conduits and also gives you a raised edge to secure your ladders up against. Without sides, the racks functionality decreases as you have no sides to tie off or to secure to.

This aside though, roof racks give unparalleled surface area that would normally be wasted otherwise. Tradesman can even fabricate most of our roof racks wider for plasterers so that a standard sheet of plaster can fit within the sides of the roof racks.

Both products have their respective advantages and drawbacks, but from a trade application, roof racks are a significant step forward in regard to utilising valuable space, the range of accessories that can be added, the ability to customise width and the advantage of sides all make a great case for the Commercial-Max roof rack system!

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