Jeep Grand Cherokee WH/WK 2005 – 2010 Wagon Oval Alloy Roof Rack

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Jeep Grand Cherokee WH/WK 2005 – 2010 Wagon Oval Alloy Roof Rack

Jeep Grand Cherokee WH/WK 2005 – 2010 Wagon Oval Alloy Roof Rack

Dimensions 1800 × 1300 cm
Fit Time


Load Rating


Tradesman Oval Alloy.

Tradesman’s premium roof rack is a quality Australian product manufactured using our unique reinforced Oval Alloy tubing for superior strength, good looks, improved aerodynamics with reduced wind resistance. The Tradesman Oval Alloy has been developed to suit the 2005-2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee Wagon models. The Oval Alloy provides high levels of strength and durability whilst offering a light weight option compared to the Oval Steel roof rack counterpart.

The Oval Alloy roof racks if purchased with the mesh-floor option, has a diamond shaped amplimesh, like you might see on a home screen door, compared to the square shaped mesh on the Oval Steel. The Oval Alloy roof rack is a fantastic option if you live or work by the beach or in the salty ocean-side air, as its added rust protection can make years’ worth of difference, before it needs to replaced.

We use our custom mounting systems designed to suit the individual vehicle to provide the strength required for carrying heavy loads, and to withstand the demands of Trade/Work-use, Camping, Four-Wheel Driving and Outback touring. Custom options apply to our accessories too such as the option to move conduit holders up or down the side of the racks with adjustable conduit brackets.

We manufacture the Oval Alloy roof rack in the following styles:

· Basket (with four sides)
· Open ends (with two sides)
· Flat deck (no sides)
· Tent (three sides at front, no sides at rear, mesh floor at front)
· Canopy (fits a range of canopies or canopy and cabin combined).

How we make it:

All racks are manufactured in our factory in Bayswater, Victoria and can be built to meet your requirements.

All racks are powder coated in your choice of metallic charcoal, satin black or matt black. Steel racks are zinc coated for added rust protection. We use quality materials and advanced welding techniques along with strict quality control processes to ensure that all our roof racks are capable of withstanding years of hard work.

View the product pages for more details or contact us with any questions. Standard specification roof racks can be manufactured in 5 days or less and custom-built items take about 10-15 days from order to dispatch. Fitting is available at our Bayswater (VIC) or Minchinbury (NSW) factory, or at one of our hundreds of dealers Australia-wide.