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Do you really need a roof rack?

August 31, 2018

As the next generation of off roaders come through, we’ve noticed that the traditional second-hand Toyota’s and Nissan’s are being swapped for brand new vehicles. Dual Cabs and SUV’s are far more common than they have ever been, begging the question of how we carry the massive amounts of gear we bring along on our off-road adventures.
Even with the bigger utes and SUV’s, it’s still a struggle to get your kayaks, boards, eskys and the rest from A to B. Installing a roof rack on your vehicle opens up extra room on your vehicle which previously would have been wasted.
Our roof racks can be fabricated to include the capability to install a wide range of specialty accessories including kayak carriers, bike racks and extra mounting points for tying down surfboards and paddleboards. In my experience, there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to use a roof rack that’s designed around the idea that one fits all.
In the main – this is never the case! Every offroader that visits us has a unique requirement, which requires a unique solution. A generic roof rack just eases the problem, while a roof rack specifically fabricated for your purpose will fix the problem!
How can we solve your unique roof rack difficulties?
Email us and we are happy to develop a solution for you.

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