Off-roading at the beach – Car cleaning hacks!

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Aerial view of tidal flat of beach with 4x4 making tracks in the sand with blog title text "Beach cleaning"

There is nothing quite like an off-road trip to the beach, with all the excitement and opportunity to find and explore that special place while creating new memories with those we share it with. However, while this is a fun and memorable experience, the post-trip clean-up is not something that puts a great big smile on everyone’s face, as the … Read More

The art of optimising your roof rack’s carrying capacity

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Roof rack loaded with equipment with text reading "Optimising your rack"

Roof racks are excellent space savers. Gas bottles, firewood, swags and fuel are just a few examples of the type of gear you no longer will have to carry in your vehicle. The issue is that some enthusiasts are not aware of the fact that just simply putting these items on your roof rack and restraining them isn’t the end … Read More

The Tradesman Roof Rack: 8 ways our racks service your needs!

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Heavily loaded 4 wheel drive vehicle fording through water over the road and blog tile of "Versatile".

Tradesman Roof Racks began manufacturing in 1978, starting in a small factory in Huntingdale Victoria. As the range of roof racks expanded, we moved to larger factories, currently residing in Bayswater since 2010 and continued growing in September 2018 where we opened a sales, installation and warehouse facility in Sydney. As specialist roof rack manufacturers, our factory is set up … Read More

Choosing a destination – 5 quick tips!

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Angled photo of road map with marker pins at a number of destinations. Blog title is "Destinations".

Deciding where to go for either a road trip or a holiday can be both a stressful and exciting exercise, aside from if you go to the same place every time. One way or another you’re generally going to run into a series of problems and there’s no real way to get around that, but to be perfectly honest, it … Read More