Roof rack or Roof bars?

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Trying to decide between a set of roof bars or a roof rack? Let us help you decide on your next system for your vehicle. Bars and racks have massive differences depending on the application and can affect how you do your job as a tradie on a day to day basis. Our Trade-Max roof bars are specifically designed for … Read More

When to consider rollers for your next Tradesman Roof Rack?

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Rollers are an invaluable option to many of our customers. They are easily adapted and added to roof racks in our range and are an inexpensive solution to some common problems: Sheets of chipboard and plaster marked and scratched from the rear of the rack. Timbers/ladders/straightedges dragging. The racks surfaces being damaged from metal straightedges. Struggling to get tinnies onto the … Read More

Tradesman now supplying 3-Inch Ladder Bars!

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Utility with 3-inch alloy ladder racks installed with text superimposed reading "Now fabricating in 3-inch tube".

Adding to our ever-increasing range of load-carrying solutions – Tradesman Roof Racks now has the capability to combine our custom roof racks with 3-Inch Ladder Bars. Bought your vehicle without ladder bars and don’t need a roof rack? Tradesman can install ladder bars at any width and height to suit your unique need! Tradesman still offers the 50mm steel tube … Read More

Should I buy mesh with my next roof rack?

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Image of steel mesh floor on a Tradesman Roof Rack with title text Should I include mesh?

Our customers often approach us confused whether they should purchase a mesh floor or not with their next roof rack. Mesh has unique advantages over a standard crossbar setup. We often get questions and concerns from our customers – here are a few answered by the team at Tradesman: 1. Will mesh add unnecessary weight to my roof rack and … Read More

Do you really need a roof rack?

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As the next generation of off roaders come through, we’ve noticed that the traditional second-hand Toyota’s and Nissan’s are being swapped for brand new vehicles. Dual Cabs and SUV’s are far more common than they have ever been, begging the question of how we carry the massive amounts of gear we bring along on our off-road adventures. Even with the … Read More

Mounting to the rails or the roof? Let Tradesman help you decide!

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Mounting? – the rails or the roof , a quick guide from Tradesman Roof Racks

With an ever-increasing set of ways to mount a roof rack to a vehicle’s roof – it often can be very confusing! We commonly get the question – I have a set of factory rails – can I mount my rack to that? The short answer, yes you can! First of all, let’s cover some cars that we commonly install … Read More

Aluminium or steel? Advice for your next fabricated roof rack.

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Alloy vs Steel showing welder at work

The aluminium or steel debate has existed in the roof rack industry since the beginning. Hardcore weekend warriors swear by steel’s strength and reliability and the touring community point to the reduced weight and long-term rust resistance of aluminium. With the market for roof racks ever-increasing, we can give you a few pointers to help you decide on your next … Read More

Tradesman supporting families on the road…

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The Allen family all ready to go.

The nine strong Allen family has recently sold their house in Pakenham, Victoria to undertake a family adventure travelling around the globe. In father Damian’s words “We are going to travel the globe until we no longer can!” Tradesman supplied two 2.8 metre roof racks from our premium Oval Steel range. Each of the roof racks carry two roof top … Read More